ADVERTISING TEXTILE FACTORY - Tablecloths with advertisement and jacquard cloths

Manufacturing program

The main priority of the company Virgo-cz s. r. o. is a production of jacquard cloths, jacquard tablecloths, fabrics, terry towels and waffle towels with advertising logos. Last but not least, our company is engaged in the production of terry towels for demanding operations (for factories etc). Nowadays, we are mainly focusing on small-series of cloths and tablecloths (also with a logo or signs).

The company Virgo-cz s.r.o. provides complete services from the design to a complete product (including sewing and packing). If you would like to see how our products are made, here is a short video showing a production of cloths.

The quality of coloration

Yarn dyeing is provided by a Czech company with a certificate of safety, which complies with European Union regulations. All jacquard towels can be washed at 90 °C, unless it´s stated differently on the label (on tablecloths and cloths with a logo).

Adevertising textile factory

Custom jacquard cloths and tablecloths

When it comes to jacquard cloths, the priorities are the best quality and a satisfaction of our customer´s needs. Virgo-cz can make a jacquard cloth or a jacquard tablecloth with an original design and also with the option of repeating the production. The color design is determined by a customer according to the color catalogue.

Next option: logo of a company on a jacquard cloth (positive-negative)

Company history

The family company VIRGO-CZ s. r. o. was established in 1998 in Ústí nad Orlicí. After the year 2003, we changed from a small business company to a manufacturing firm with electronic jacquard machines Grosse. We also added new machines Dornier and Saurer to our weaving technology. Sewing rooms were equipped with semi-automatic sewing machines Schmalle.

We would be more than happy to help you with deciding or answering every question you have, because our customer´s contentment is our main priority. Together with the entire team of employees and managers, we will try to help you, so the contentment is on your side. We are looking forward to our cooperation.

Our products are protected by a label VIRGO-cz s. r. o.®.

Adevertising textile factory
Adevertising textile factory
Adevertising textile factory